Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman

Male |HYDERABAD, India

Reading Ahadith

7 Oct

2011 10:30 AM (CST)

This class ran for 108 minutes

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English



Safwan ibne-'Assal Al-Muradi (RaziALLAHu 'Anhu) narrates: I went to Nabi (Sallallaahualaihi Wasallam), he was in the masjid, reclining on his red striped sheet. I said: O Rasulullah (Sallallaahualaihi Wasallam)! I have come to seek knowledge. He said: Welcome to the seeker of knowledge. Indeed, the angels cover the seeker of knowledge by their wings and they start gathering one upon another till they reach the sky, for the love of the knowledge which is being sought (Tabarani, Majma-uz-Zawaid)

As-salaamualaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh Everybody,

Inshaallaah I would be conducting Hadith Session everyday in which i would be reading Ahadiths for 30 mins Inshaallaah from a book of collection of Ahadith called ' Fazaile 'Aamaal ' compiled by Shaykh Ul Hadith Maulana Mohammad Zakariya Kandhalvi (Rahmatullahalaih) (His Biography - http://www.central-mosque.com/biographies/hazratshaykh.htm ). In which Inshaallaah Each Hadith will be read 3 times and its commentary will be read once Inshaallaah. Invite your friends too. Inshaallaah if any one starts implementing on the Hadiths which is being read in the class then inshaallaah that person will surely get the reward but inshaallaah the one who invited that person will also get the same reward. Please supplicate(pray) for all of the Muslims Hidayat, cause after all Hidayat is in the hands of ALLAH Subhaanahuwa Ta'aala. It can happen sometimes that my internet may not be available so, sometimes I may be absent. There can be issues of Power or internet or my Health Issues so forgive me if I miss any day.

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Etiquettes of Reading and Listening Ahadiths

Request: Be prepared with few things before listening to Quranic verses or Ahadiths ( translation or Arabic part ) –

1) Be in the state of Wazu (ablution)
2) If you are sitting on a chair then do not recline and sit straight with respect. But if you are sitting on floor then the best position would be sitting in the position of tashahhud (the last position in Salah(namaz) ) without Reclining.
3) Listen attentively and listen Quranic verses as if ALLAH (Subhaanawa Ta'aala) is addressing you. And listen Hadiths as if Our Prophet Mohammad (Sallallaahualaihi Wasallam) is addressing you.
4) Whenever the name of our prophet is recited ( that is ' Mohammad' (Sallallaahualaihi Wasallam) ), please recite a small Durood.
For Example: Sallallaahualaihi Wasallam or ALLAHumma Salli'alaamuhammadin. Cause reciting a durood ( either short or long ) when ever we hear or read or say the name of our prophet, then it becomes obligatory for us to recite atleast a small durood. Note: Reciting a durood on the words 'Prophet' or 'Nabi' or 'Rasuul' is not obligatory. Obligatory is reciting a durood on the name of our prophet 'Mohammad' Sallallaahualaihi Wasallam.
5) Do not chat or talk or do any kind of communication while Quranic verse or Hadiths ( Translation ) is being recited.
Not doing any of the above ( accept 4th point ) is not a sin. Doing all of the above is the form of respect we should give. The objective is that the Quran and words of Hadith affect the heart. Such a fervent belief be built on the promises of ALLAH and his prophet that it creates an earnest longing for deen.

Note: Each Hadith Will be read 3 times. Even there is a narration from Anas RaziALLAHu Ta'aala anhu that whenever Nabi Sallallaahualaihi Wasallam would say something (important) he would repeat his words thrice, so that they are understood.

Jazaakallah khair

About the Host

Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman


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Jazaakallah khair


I'm not a Scholar.

As-salaamualaikum, I'm a Muslim. The display name is not my real name. It's just for display(Rahman's Slave). Rahman is ALLAH's one of the 99 attributes.

Inshaallaah I'll be conducting online classes. In which I'll Read Hadiths for 30 mins. For more information on my upcoming class or to watch my previous classes recording, please check out - www.wiziq.com/abdulrahman/classes

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Jazaakallah khair

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